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Meet BanaSplash 100% organic banana producer.

environmental protection

We practice organic agriculture helping the environment with soil conservation, taking care of water and using renewable resources.

Eat healthy, live happy

Banasplash produces only organic bananas, it does not contain fertilizers, pesticides, and of course, it is a lean product, without any genetic modification.


health, taste, quality

know the nutritional and caloric values of organic bananas, a reason why they should be consumed.

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Note: How the banana helps our health

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Note: Calories and nutritional value per serving

who we are?

  • About

    We are a company dedicated to producing and exporting 100% natural organic bananas. We seek to solve the needs of our customers based on our production and distribution capacity, adapting to changes, improving our infrastructure to facilitate the processes of our employees.

  • our partners

    We follow good agricultural practices ensuring that our partners and employees improve their conditions and welfare of your family, getting better nutrition, and the opportunity to provide their children study and a more dignified life and better opportunities.

  • Culture

    Contribute to the development of associated farmers, the care of Nature and Environmental Conservation is our main goal. Achieve optimize the health and productivity of our interdependent communities of soil, such as plants, animals and people, this is our culture, preserve the environment that surrounds us and at the same time contribute to the intake of healthy products.

  • Method

    We made sure to select land with uncontaminated land, free of garbage, paper, plastics and empty embaces, safe water pollution. We carefully select the know to ensure your resistance to diseases. periodically we observe crops to detect any problem. We take hygiene measures, cleaning and care needed to protect crops and transport our attention to detail.


our philosophy

The work, perseverance, order and discipline is the factor of the success of our company.


We are a company committed to our society, with the mission of delivering organic bananas that promote healthy, and unbeatable flavor, while we seek the protection of our environment and the happiness of each and every one of our consumers.


Become the largest and reliable company exporting organic bananas in Latin America and the world trying to maintain ls sustainability of our associates and excellence in the quality of products offered to our customers.


    •Quality: search for excellence day after day.    •Integrity: Work honestly.  •Responsibility: Take our work seriously.  •Passion: be committed in body and soul to the work done.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE ORGANIC BANANA  if you've got more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

  • Why consume organic bananas?

    -The banana is one of the most miraculous foods we can find in nature, rich in nutrients, especially potassium, vitamin B6 and folic acid. - It is easy to digest, which is very helpful for sick and convalescent children. - Ideal for people who develop physical activities. - Beneficious against stomach problems and ulcers.     -Prevents the cramps of athletes by potassium. - Its high fiber content makes it beneficial for the treatment of both constipation and diarrhea. - It is one of the foods with the highest nutritional value.

  • How bananas are grown?

    Banana plants are often mistaken for trees or palms - they are actually herbs. The banana is a perennial plant that replaces itself. Bananas do not grow from a seed but from a bulb or rhizome, and it takes 9 to 12 months from sowing a banana bulb to harvesting the fruit. The banana flower appears in the sixth or seventh month. Unlike other fruit like apples which have a growing season, bananas are available all year round. Banana plants thrive in tropical regions where the average temperature is 80° F (27° C) and the yearly rainfall is between 78 and 98 inches. Most bananas exported are grown within 30 degrees either side of the equator. The plants need rich, dark and fertile soils with steady moisture in the air and ground and good drainage.

  • Do bananas brow on trees?

    Bananas do not grow on a conventional type of trees, they are really tall herbaceous plants and very broad leaves, can reach up to 25 feet in height.

  • What does organic mean?

    Orgánico means that our farms are managed according to the rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria designed to conserve wildlife, safeguard soils and waters, protect workers, their families and local communities, and increase livelihoods in order to achieve true, long term sustainability.


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