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We strive to create opportunities that improve the quality of life of our associated producers and their family.

Customer satisfaction

We work continually to improve the quality of our products, processes and streamline service to our consumers.

Quality in each process

We comply with international standards of good agricultural practices by offering products with a high degree of quality.

100% natural product

We are committed to offering our customers a product that is not only tasty and healthy but also free of contaminants.


Feel the purity of a 100% natural and healthy fruit

The banana is a tropical fruit that has a high nutritional value, soft texture when eating, tasty and sweet. The organic banana has the particularity that it is a sowing, harvesting and clean process product of any type of chemical that could alter in some way the essence of what is really natural..

To enjoy!

There are hundreds of ways in which you can enjoy this exquisite fruit, you can eat it naturally when the fruit is ripe, feel in your palate the softness of the sweet and aromatic texture that make up this fruit of the gods. So much variety and explosion of flavor can only be found by giving free rein to the imagination and creating unimaginable recipes with bananas.

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We guarantee our customers the satisfaction of consuming products with quality.

comprometidos con nuestro trabajo
Amamos nuestro trabajo y lo hacemos con cuidado trabajando hombro con hombro, día tras día para ofrecer un producto con calidad garantizada, que pueda ser consumido por todos sin temor a contaminarse con agentes externos y nocivos para la salud.
Our honor is our pride
We know and understand that we are what we eat, we honor the acquired commitment. We can say at the top of our voice that having a plantation of hundreds and hundreds of tasks of land planted with organic bananas is our infinite pride.



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